Raj Pulugurtha, Ph.D.

Associate Professor | Certified Hybrid Instructor

Download Curriculum VitaeResearch Advancements: Raj Markondeya develops packaging of bioelectronics implants for health monitoring and curing neurological disorders
Research Area: Therapeutic and Reparative Neurotechnology
Lab: Bioelectronic and Electronic Packaging Lab


P. M. Raj is an Associate Professor with BME. His expertise is in the areas of packaging of electronic and bioelectronic systems, power-supply and wireless component integration in flex and rigid packages, biocompatible packaging with high-density feedthroughs. He also has a joint appointment with ECE at FIU. He is an adjunct faculty with the Georgia Institute of Technology, ECE Department and Packaging Research Center, where he co-lead several technical thrusts in electronic packaging, working with the whole electronic ecosystem, which includes semiconductor, packaging, material, tool and end-user companies. He is widely recognized for his contributions in integrated passive components and technology roadmaping, and also for promoting the role of nanomaterials and nanostructures for electronics packaging applications, as evident through his several industry partnerships, invited presentations, publications and awards.

His research led to ~290 publications, which include ~80 journal papers, 14 book chapters and 12 articles in widely circulated trade magazines, and more than 175 conference publications. He received 8 patents with several other provisional patents and invention disclosures. His papers received more than 20 best-paper awards. He has been a research faculty at GT-PRC for 19 years, where he mentored more than 25 MS and PhD students.

He is the Associate Editor for IEEE CPMT transactions and IEEE Nanotechnology magazine. He is the Co-Chair for the IEEE nanopackaging technical committee. He has been instrumental in forming the “Nanopackaging” technical sessions at the IEEE NANOTECHNOLOGY conference. He chaired power and RF component and module sessions at the IEEE Electronic Component and Technology Conference (ECTC). He also co-chaired high-temperature packaging sessions at the IEEE/SEMI/iNEMI Future Car Electronics workshop. He has been actively involved with the PSMA (power sources manufacturers Association) and takes pro-active role in shaping up power electronics sessions at APEC and PEIM conferences. He is also in the steering committee of IEEE EPS IoT Committee. He was reviewer for about 100 journal papers. Dr. Raj is also a STEM ambassador and frequently offers nanoscience and nanotechnology demonstrations at local schools and hosts K-12 field trips.

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Bioelectronic and Electronic Packaging

Selected Publications

1. M. Raj, Himani Sharma, Srikrishna Sitaraman, Dibyajat Mishra and Rao Tummala, “System Scaling with Nanostructured Power and RF Components”, Proceedings of IEEE, 2017, Volume 105, Issue 12, pp 2330-2446, Print ISSN: 0018-9219, Online ISSN: 1558-2256, Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/JPROC.2017.2748520

2. Wu, J. Min, V. Smet, P. M. Raj, V. Sundaram, R. Tummala, “Ultra-thin 3D IPAC glass interposers for RF front-end modules,”, J. Electron. Package 139(4), 041001 (Jul 27, 2017), Paper No: EP-16-1151; doi: 10.1115/1.4037221

3. Gianfagna, H. Yu, M. Swaminathan, P. M. Raj, R. Tummala, G. Antonini, “A Machine-Learning Approach for the Design of NanoMagnetic-Based Antennas,” Journal of Electronic Materials, August 2017, Volume 46, Issue 8, pp 4963–4975

4. C. Huang, V. Smet, S. Kawamoto, P. M. Raj, R.R. Tummala, “Accelerated solid-liquid interdiffusion bonding (SLID) with thermal stability and power handling,” Journal of Electronic Materials, 2017 Volume 47, Issue 1, pp.368-377

5. Sun, H. Sharma, P. M. Raj, K. Takemura, F. Yoshihiro, S. Hachiya, R. Tummala, “Substrate embedded thin-film inductors with magnetic cores for Integrated Voltage Regulators,” Journal of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 10.1109/TMAG.2017.2710324, Vol. 53, Issue 10, pp. 1-9.